Happy! 3rd prize
Crystal City

22 mei 2015

Design team AM Proektus (RU) & LapLab (NL) is pleased to announce that we won 3rd prize for the open competition to develop the concept of public space in the “Krystall City" in Moscow.

Krystall City is located in the Lefortovo park area on the eastern bank on the river Yauza. On this location in 2014 a new city quarter for living, creation and recreation was projected. At the heart of the creative quarter redevelopment of the former vodka factory "Krystall". The flagship project will be Artcluster full of life 24 hours, 7 days a week. KRAYS Development organised the competition for the concept development of the territory.

The design proposal was a multilayered concept. Crystal City Campus should become part of the Yauza river landscape and act as country estate of lost times to revitalise the river landscape. The Green Frame surrounds all build heritage and offers privacy and can be used multifunctional. The open spaces on site are to remain open to allow creative usage and seasonal change.